Saturday, 24 January 2015


None of us set out to create an ukulele group and yet here we are, two years into this blog and three years after a few friends took to goofing around at a New Year's Eve party. In that time our group has doubled in size simply by word of mouth, despite our total lack of publicity.

We have been lucky in many ways. So far we haven't had to pay for space, and we all have a schedule which allows us to meet at the same time each week.

But the real luck one has been in membership. When you have people who are cheerful and easygoing; who enjoy playing and socializing in equal measures; who readily share food, drink, information and resources; and who are accepting of each other's differences and bad days; then everything else somehow comes together. We can meet anywhere and at any time because we all look forward to playing together. That may well be the secret of a good ukulele group.

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